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Our Kaffir Lime and Beetroot Gravlax is cured with beetroot and kaffir lime leave mix, including lemon zest, organic coconut sugar and sea salt. The kaffir lime leaves add a beautiful fragrance to the Akaroa Salmon and the beetroot not only adds the striking colour but a slight sweetness too.


You are purchasing one 150gram pack of hand sliced Matakana Smokehouse Kaffir Lime and Beetroot Gravlax Salmon. This product has a 21 day shelf life (use by date is on each packet) and is suitable for freezing if you want to save it until later. All products are vacuum packed to ensure freshness. As this product is made in advance please take that into consideration when ordering and get in touch if you need. 


**If you want to order for a future date or special occasion, please make a note at the cart and we can schedule your delivery.


  • All orders are dispatched from Matakana Smokehouse on Thursday for Friday delivery. We can send same day to Auckland, otherwise all orders are overnight.

    We batch smoke once a week, so if you would like to receive guaranteed Matakana Smokehouse Salmon by Friday on the same week, please place your order by 5pm Monday. Any orders past this cut off aren't guaranteed for the same week.

    Shipping costs will be calculated at the cart.

    For more info about our delivery and order process have a look at our Shipping page.

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