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-   ABOUT US  -

Matakana Smokehouse is a small boutique smokehouse just out of Matakana Village where we use only the best, sustainably farmed and caught products alongside longstanding smoking traditions.


All ingredients are organic where possible and our cutting, smoking and brining is all done carefully by hand to ensure the finest finished product.

Using a Manuka woodchip blend with a secret touch ensures a rather unique flavour.


We work primarily with Akaroa Salmon, one of the last family run farms and have the Salmon air freighted up during the week.


Our Salmon is curing less than 24 hours after been caught, so you are getting the freshest of fresh. 


As you may know, Akaroa Salmon is a fantastic product, fed an antibiotic free diet of only fish protein.

The Salmon are fed a low energy, slow grow diet to ensure the fat/oil percentage is similar to that of wild Salmon.


We also work with Lee Fish, who are renowned for their dedication to sustainability, for our Smoked Kahawai and Sardines which are line caught in New Zealand waters.

Our Portabello Mushrooms are currently from Te Mata Mushrooms plus we are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers with the right ethics.


We use Organic Coconut sugar from Matakana Superfoods, Organic Muscovado sugar and Sea Salt depending on which flavour. 


There are a few projects currently underway so stay tuned for some exciting smokey treats!