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- Our Products -

Hot Smoked Salmon

­ Hot Smoked Akaroa Salmon, Sea Salt and Organic Toasted Nigella seeds.


We do these in any sized portion, ranging from our Salmon Bites at 50g through to whole fillets at 850g approx.

All Vac Packed.


We also do the Hot Smoked Akaroa Salmon in -  

Organic Coconut sugar 

Organic Muscovado Brown Sugar

Organic Toasted Nigella seeds with Organic Coconut Sugar

(All with Sea Salt)

Maple Cold Smoked Salmon

Our Maple Cold Smoked Salmon is brined for a little over 24 hours, smoked for at least 6 hours and then hand sliced, in that thicker Scandinavian style. We use a beautiful Canadian Maple Syrup during the brine and then again for the smoke to add a smokey sweet glaze. 

Available in any size portions, from 120gm and up. 

Twice Cured Citrus Gravlax

This Citrus and Herb Gravlax is cured for almost a week to ensure full penetration of the sugar, salt and herbs.


We only use fresh Dill, Basil and Coriander along with fresh Lemon, Organic Coconut sugar and Sea Salt.


This is hand sliced and vac packed to your size requirements from 100gm packs to whole sides.

Kaffir Lime and Beetroot Gravlax

This Salmon is cured with pureed raw Beetroot and Kaffir limes leaves, Lemon juice, Sea Salt and Orgnanic Coconut sugar.

The Kaffir Lime leaves add a beautiful fragrance to the Salmon and the Beetroot not only adds the striking colour but a slight sweetness too. 

We hand slice in a thicker scandinavian style cut and vac pack into your desired size portions.

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